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  • We love screen printing

    While this is in fact a way to make a living, more importantly, we absolutely love screen printing. It's a trade that will be around for many years to come and we plan to make each one of those days an opportunity to get better at it.

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AxelRad Screen Printing was established in 2003.
Over the years we have learned a lot and developed a pretty sure proof plan to get you, and your customer, exactly what you are looking for


We want to help you, avoid common problems that most commonly hold up orders. Take the time to go over these speed bumps so you can avoid them when it comes time to place your order.

  • "Extremely easy to work with. The process was as easy as it gets"
    Mark Tomasic
  • "My client had a low resolution jpg. AxelRad was able to recreate in a timely manor and still pull the job off within my timeline."
    Joli Mattia
  • "I have outsourced to a lot of different companies over the years... but this was by far the most professional."
    Ed Krazniak
  • "AxelRad helped me get my order to my customer in a fast and professional way."
    Emily Oladipo

Department Heads

A team based off of honesty, and hard work simply cannot be beat. We pride ourselves on a strong work ethic and doing things the right way. Quality above all else is what has separated us from the pack and will continue to do so.